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Monday, October 5, 2009

MCP Update

Sorry , friends. We've been caught up in family life that we haven't had a chance to due much in the means of creativity. MGJ has been writing new stuffs but hasn't had the time to post some of it and I'm expecting a little one any day now so my family has taken much of my time. Once we're settled, we'll get back to you guys. Thanks for the support! Later.


Quite Contrary said...

Thanks so for stopping in and following us at The ladies at babes and banter have been working hard at getting the site up and running. You have made that ohhh-la-la by making it a stop on your journey.

Now you do have us in a choke hold. have a baby on the way...and you lost your position 4 months ago....what is going on here. We are hanging on a thread to know is all ok there???????

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