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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sleep: Night One

Okay so we are begining work on our comic and that will be out some time this year, hopfully pretty soon. To hold your interests, I am working on a short story that will be updated every so often at the site. We will be trying to include voice overs to go along with the story which you can either listen to or ignore. Totally up to you. This way you can read it through and get your interpretation, or you can listen to the Artist's Interpretation. Thought it be interesting to read it through your own way and then have it read to you in our own personal interpretation. This can allow for some pretty cool discussions I think.


Jarppa said...


MCP rocks!
visit my friends site I know you´ll love it

Metallman said...

Hey there Jarppa,

Thanks for the support. I checked out the site and it is pretty bad ass. Great artwork! I love the "Puppet" poster since it reminds me very much of Rasputin. Good stuff. Later.

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