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Monday, June 1, 2009

Metal Crow Productions Promotion

Hey there. We're not even a week old but I already see that we have a few followers and we've had some suggestions. We're still trying to get our name out there so we've signed up for the following services. If you're not a member of these services, please feel free to check em out and continue to support MC Productions! Thanks.


I'm pretty sure the majority of you are already members but if not, check it out since it's a great way to promote your site and visit others and with the recently added "cashout" service, it's a great way to promote and earn!


This is a great service that offers points for posts and advertiser clicks. Another great way to promote your site, all the while earning a few bucks while doing it.

I love the fact that this site will guarantee you at least 30 seconds from your visitors. If they have the time to check out your site, you're more than likely to earn a visitor with your content.

Keep an eye out for our logo. We're promoting our site and promoting it hard. Thanks for the support and we'll keep you updated with great content soon. Later.


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